Dogs play a crucial part in a childs social and cognitive development. The Human-animal interaction alleviates stress in children, reduces disruptive characteristics and abnormal behaviors. A dog’s ability to calm autistic children gives the child an increased attention span, and a greater aptitude for learning. The Service Dogs act as an anchor when the child is tethered to the dog. Having a service dog can create freedom for the child to go outside of the house safely and confidently, which expands a child's capability to experience more of life and to grow, improving a child's socialization and behavior skills.

On the child side of the equation my son is extreme on the spectrum and so other children will interact with him only when they are making a conscious and dedicated effort. He is mostly in his own little world even when others are trying very hard to play with him and include him. However, his dog is always there for him. The dog at times I believe IS his closest friend that staves off any loneliness he might otherwise be subject to.

We are passionate about helping families dealing with Autism with finding a good matching dog. We also actively watch over our dogs wellbeing as closely as we monitor the value the dog adds to the quality of life in the home. We offer real concern and real value through our dogs.

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