Although my wife liked dogs before we were married, I simply didn't share her fondness. That's putting it lightly. From my experience at the time, dogs were ill mannered, filthy, and annoying. They were always nosing my plate at dinner time, wiping their nose on my hand to get me to pet them. I always had something to do and being that "Type A Personality" I have become known for; I hated to be interrupted and especially not by a dog.

Our son was diagnosed with Autism and of the many issues we were trying to address. The two at the top of the list of things we needed to fix was his fear of school buses (Really it was The knocking sound of a Diesil engine) and fear of animals was at the top of the list. So she used that as an arguement and I finally caved and agreed to let her get a dog for our family. My wife visited shelters and she brought home "Inkey". Inkey was a Spaniel and Dachshund mix and was well behaved.

Time passed by and I remember about three months had passed by and my wife and I were in our room calling it a day. I had a flash back to the memory I had of her showing me the dog we rescued.

I asked her "Honey, do you remember that dog you got from the pound?"


"Do we still have that dog?"

"Yeah, Why?"

"I don't recall ever seeing it at all after you brought it home."

"It's right over here by me."

Sure enough Inkey was right next to her side of the bed. She told me that the dog stayed right with her for most of the day and every day.

I was Astonished! THAT is a REALLY GOOD DOG! He never barked, and he was never under my feet, and was never nosing around the dinner table when we ate. He never had any accidents in our home. This dog sat quietly next to the back door and waited patiently to be noticed and let out. Inkey would even come right back inside straight-away when you called.

One night in October Inkey started to bark. I was not sure whose dog that was barking, but it sounded like it was in my house.

I went to go find out what was making that noise. It was Inkey. The door leading down stairs to the guarage was open and inkey kept looking down the stairs and barking. My wife tells me she thinks some one must have come in through the exterior door in the Garage.

I get a bat "Of Course" and in my robe I go down stairs. I am thinking to myself. If I find an intruder I am going to let them know how upset I am that they interrupted what little sleep I was getting. If you are living with a child that is severe on the Autism Spectrum you well know the issues related to sleeping. Both, yours and theirs. I was ready to UNLEASH!

As I get down stairs I see the exterior door is open. I find no one in the Garage. I step outside the door to look around.

It's like 40 degrees and raining. The wind is gusting and I couldn't see anything. But, I could hear my boy crying in the distance.

A Child with Severe Autism is not responsive as any normal child is. Even though I am calling to him, I had to listen and home in on him crying. I found him near the road, good thing it was like 230am (No Cars).

Inkey showed me something. Something very important about the potential and capability of a dog.

My wife studied and is a Certified Dog Trainer. Inkey as moved on to that Great Kennel in the sky but he left a legacy and a high standard behind.